Course Planning


Course Planning: Basics

Course Planning Overview

    • Which courses can I take?
    • Where can I find suggestions for classes?
    • Can I meet major and liberal education requirements?

Placement Tests/Auditions

    • Learn about placement for chemistry, dance, languages, math, and music

Pre-Registration Appointments

    • When/how often am I required to meet with my advisor to plan courses?
    • What do I have to do to be eligible to register in PSEO courses?
    • Which forms do I have to turn in, and where do I find them?

AP/IB/Transfer Credits

    • How does my prior college-level credit determine which courses I can take?

Course Selection

1-2 Credit Courses

    • A list of 1-2 credit courses

Online Courses

    • Which online courses are available to PSEO students?
    • How do I search for online courses?

Meeting High School Requirements


Computer Science


Health/Physical Education





Social Studies