You need to have an empty juice carton or a photograph of one from the internet.

Preparing your Juice Carton

Your juice carton needs to be the cardboard box type that you put a straw into.

  • Make sure your carton is nice and clean, then very carefully take it apart along all the glued sides.
  • Try not to tear it or rip off any sides or glue tabs while you take your carton apart.
  • When you have it apart, clean the inside and dry it.
  • Stick it down onto the middle of an A3 piece of paper.

Here is what the layout should be like, with the title on the page and plenty of room around your carton to put the labels on.

Analysis of the Juice Carton

Label the following things on you carton :-

  1. Main title.
  2. Main image / picture used on the design.
  3. Bar code.
  4. Ingredients.
  5. Flavour.
  6. Quantity / amount.
  7. Nutritional information.

Legal Information

  1. Do you know what information that it is the law to have on a juice carton?
  2. Why is it the law to have this information.