Poster Analysis

Design Words

Here are the key design terms that you are going to use to analyse the posters.


How has colour been used in the design?

What effect has it had?


What do you look at first when you see the poster?

How have they made you look here first?

White space and layout

The "white space" is the space around the parts you have placed on the design?

How has white space helped the layout in this design?

Proportion and size

How big are all the elements in the poster in relation to each other?

Font choice

What kind of font has been used for the main title? What effect do you think this choice gives to the whole design?


What images have been used in the poster?

Example Analysis

  • The main colours that have beed used are red and blue, with some gold and white. The red is a strong colour so gives the poster a bold look.
  • The focus of attention is the glowing white circle. They have made this the focus by its large size, position in the middle of the poster and its brightness.
  • The image is of the main character in the film and it is quite large, so takes up a lot of the poster.
  • This means there is very little white space and what there is does not have any details on it so it does not take attention away from the main image.
  • The font for the main title is bold with mainly straight lines used. This gives a strong look and goes with the theme of Iron Man.


You are going to choose a film / movie poster from a Google Image search.

Post the image into the class Google Plus Community and write your analysis with it.

Read the analysis that everyone else has done in your class. Add in the comment section of the post if you can think of anything else that can be added to the analysis of their poster