Design Development

Developing your ideas

You will now develop your ideas….

  • You will use sketches to describe different ways the chair could work and is put together.
  • You will develop MORE THAN 1 IDEA!!!! ( choose 3 or 4 different ideas from your thumbnail sheet )
  • You will try out different alternatives to one design ( such as different shapes for the back of a chair, different designs for the legs of a chair, different ways the arms for the chair attach onto the rest etc ).
  • You will draw exploded views / cut away views / sectional views to show how things work and go together.
  • You will start to try out different colour ways on your designs and different surface finishes.

Using Models

There are lots of ways that you can use model making to try out your designs when you are developing them.

Plasticine Models

Plasticine is a good method to use as you can produce shapes, forms and textures really quickly and easily.

Other modelling materials you could use are :- Balsa wood, card, plastic, polystyrene

Here are some examples :-

Here is an example of a presentation put together with photographs of models and scans of drawings. You can see that the drawn work has been put together with pictures of the specific buildings that were used as an influence. The notes with the designs highlight where this influence is from.

Analysis Questions to go with the Design Developments

How is you chair design inspired by your architect?

shapes / form / colour / texture / position of elements / proportion of the elements to each other...

How functional is your design ?

proportion (to people) / texture / materials / comfort / practical use / safety

Chair Design Development

Here are some examples of more design development drawings using different media.