Concept Ideas - Sketches

You will produce a wide variety of sketches for a chair that are influenced by the work of the architect that you researched for the first project.

What you need to do :-

  • Your sketches need to be freehand ( no rulers, compasses etc ).
  • Produce a sheet of doodles and thumbnails which focus on the overall shape of the chair in relation to the architects work.
  • Use the design elements that you drew from the architect's work to inspire your shapes and forms.
  • Use a little bit of tonal work to enhance the shape.
  • Use a combination of 2D and 3D sketching to show your ideas.

Examples of Thumbnail sketches used for concept ideas...

Examples of Sketches for Chair Designs.

  • They show experimentation in the shape of the chair.
  • They use crating to help with the drawing in 3D and a little bit of shading to help areas stand out from the rest.
  • Thick and thin lines are used to also make the designs stand out from the background.

Try and use some different media when doing your initial design ideas.

Here is an example of white on black.

There is also notes on this example which link back to the specific building designed by your architect that was the main influence and what design elements have been used to reflect that influence.

Don't forget to embed the scans of all your design concepts onto your DVC seating project page...