You need to write a final evaluation of your final product design.

Here is a list of things that you could include :-


List your specification points from the start of the project and state how you have covered the requirements in each one.

Design Era

Outline how you have made sure that your final design has been inspired by the design era you were working with.

Design Elements and Principles

How have you used these in your final design and what effect you think they have had.

(link here to help you with meanings)


Here is where you need to discuss your final design in terms of

Aesthetics - How it looks

Function - How it works


How will people use your design?

How have you made it people friendly in terms of size, safety, stability, position, materials, weight etc

You can use your own opinion and what you think, as long as you back it up with reasons.

Client Feedback

Get the opinion of your client about your final design.

You can make an appointment and go and see them or you can send them a Google Form with questions to answer.

Make sure they can see all of your design work, especially the final design.

Remind them briefly of what they wanted at the start of the project and show them what you have produced as a final design to answer that need.

Lighting Evaluation