Task 1

You are going to get an image of a portable speaker and use a DESCRIBE DIAGRAM to analyse it.

Get a copy of the Describe Diagram on this link.

Task 2

You will work in pairs to complete the SOLO HEXAGON activity.

Get a copy of the Solo Hexagons activity on this link.

Fill the hexagons with as many things as you can think of to do with portable speakers and then decide in your pairs how you will group them.

Follow the instructions down the sides of the activity (click on the link to open the drawing)

Task 3

You will look at how the ability to play music has changed over the years. You will do this in the form of a TIMELINE.

You can do this as a Google Drawing, Presentation or Document. The example here is made on a Google Drawing.

Link to example Google Drawing timeline here...

Task 4

Make a copy of this analysis presentation - link here.

Follow the instructions on page 2

Product Research Template