Analysis and Planning

Task Analysis

First of all, you are going to think about all the jobs that need doing in the project and show this thinking as a Google Drawing.

Here is an example.....

Can you think of anything else that needs to be added here?

Start your own blank drawing and make your own project planning diagram. Share it with your teacher.

Time Planning

To make sure that you get all of the jobs done in the time that you have for this project, you need to do some time planning.

Here is a link to the Google Drawing here.

You need to make a copy of it and complete filling it in with the jobs that need completing. You can write the numbers of the jobs on the boxes.

Planning Charts

This type of planning diagram is called a Gantt Chart.

They are really good for visually seeing when jobs need to be done in a set period of time.

They are a type of bar graph that gives you the start and end times of all the different jobs that are needed in a project.

This makes sure that everything that needs to be done fits in the amount of time you have for the project.

Here are some examples of more gantt charts...