Design Development

Card and Plasticine Models

You need to choose 2 different concept ideas to develop.

Make improvements to your designs and draw them up onto card or make them in 3D in plasticine.

Your designs need to be full size.

Photograph your designs being held so you can see the proportion of them against a hand.

Compare and Contrast

You need to compare the two designs that you chose to develop as card models.

Get a copy of this chart here


You are now going to develop your idea further by drawing it on Tinkercad.

Make sure you take a screenshot of your design once you have drawn it - make sure it is in a good position on the screen so you get a good view of it in the screenshot ( you can take more than one if you need to show different features of the design )

This design will then be 3D printed (not to scale, but smaller than real life)

Make sure your 3D printed model is photographed.


Make a collage of your design developments on a Google Drawing.

Include a scan of your concept that you developed, the card or plasticine model, the screenshot from Tinkercad and the photograph of the 3D printed model.

This should show you how your design has changed / improved / developed over the process.

With each of your 2 design developments, write an analysis to include the following :-

Link to drawing here