What's it Mean?

  • Choose 2 words from the Answer Garden selection that you do not know the meaning of.
  • Put them in the table on this document and use Dictionary.com to find the meaning of the word.
  • If there is more than one meaning listed, put them all in different rows on the table.
  • Rate how accurate you and your partner think the meaning is in relation to your word and how it was used in the text. ( 1= best meaning, 2, 3 onwards mean you think it is less accurate for your word.)
  • Share your document on the class Google Plus Community.
  • Read the work from all the other teams in the class. Write in the comment section under their work in the community what you think the correct meanings for their chosen words are. See if you agree with their ratings on their word meanings.
Chrysler Building Analysis

Link to document here.

Make a copy of it in your pair, make sure you both can write on it. Share it with your teacher.