Architect Information

Information Collection Sheet

This is the sheet that you will be collecting your written information on about your architect.

Click on this link here to open the document.

Collect Your Information

What you need to do :-

  • Collect information about the architect, his life and and training he might have had.
  • Collect information about the buildings that he designed.
  • State which websites you got the information from and supply links to that information.

Highlighting the Important Information

Not all of the the information that you collect will be useful on your poster.

You need to choose which parts are useful and which parts you can ignore.

What you need to do :-

  • Read through the information that you collected.
  • Use the highlighter function on Google docs to highlight the parts that you think are the most important.

Analysing Your Chosen Architect

This is where you will look at all the information that you have collected and start to pick out the pieces that explain his style.

What you need to do :-

  • Make a copy of this document (link here)
  • File it in your DVC folder.
  • Fill it in with the information that you think is important from what you have seen and read.

Producing your Write up about your Architect

What you need to do :-

  • You are going to write in your own words the specific information that you are going to include on your final poster design.

Use the document to help you to write your information by answering the questions.

Get a copy of this document here.

Don't forget to put it into your DVC folder and change the settings to public.

Produce the Write Up