Design Developments

Design Development

What needs to go on to your design?

You are going to list everything that will need to be included on your juice carton, on all the sides.

Do this task on a Google document and share it with your teacher.

Link here.

What needs to go on my Juice Carton?

Planning the Design

You need to think about and plan what is going to go on all the different sides of your juice carton.

You can use your list as a guide to what has to go on the carton and you need to decide where everything has to go.

You will be given blank networks of the shape of your carton, so you can plan your design. If you need a different shape to this, you will need to draw your own network.

Here are 2 examples of possible layouts. These are don on the computer. You can do them this way or draw them by hand or do a mixture of both.