Design Elements

Look at all the pictures and information about your design era that you have

collected so far.

List all the main features that your design era has and describe its main design elements.

Here are some of the main design elements that you need to look at :-

Design Words

Drawing the Design Elements

Draw what you think the design elements look like.

Design Era Design Elements

Produce your elements analysis on a Google Drawing, and make sure you illustrate it with examples from your design era that show the design elements well.

Two examples of this is here :-

Drawn Design Era Design Elements

Look at the images you have found for your design era, and draw your own illustrations of the design elements using your design era.

You are doing this so you start drawing and using the shapes and forms and symbols within your era so it will be easier for you to do this in your next project.

Make sure you embed your Google Drawings onto the design Era page on your site and that the sharing settings are public.

You will need to scan your drawings and upload those to your site too.