Product Research

Types of Lighting

Produce a spider diagram of all the possible types of lighting that you can think of.

Illustrate this diagram with photographs of some of the types of lighting.

You don't have to illustrate all of them, but make sure you write up as many different kinds as you can think of.

Describing your Product

Choose a lighting style that your client said that they wanted and use that in the centre of your describe diagram.

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Note :- an ADJECTIVE is a describing word. You need to use DESIGN related words.

We will be trialling this activity together in the Google+ Community first .

NZQA design terms

Illustrated design words

Product Analysis

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Put a lighting design and type similar to what you are going to design in the centre of the drawing.

Compare and Contrast

A good way of analysing a product and being clear about why design decisions were made is to compare it to a similar product.

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