Contact Information for Forgotten Passwords

The Forgotten Password service uses your contact information in Workday to help reset your password. Make sure you have a personal cell phone OR a non-Smith email address listed in Workday. If you only have your Smith email address, you won’t be able to use email as a contact method if you forget your Smith account password.

Change Your Password

If your password is compromised, you can change it at any time. Select the button below. Enter your current username and password and then follow the prompts to update your password.

If you forget your password, you can reset it at any time. Select the button below. Enter your Smith username and select Search. Answer the security questions to verify your identity, then select your method (email or SMS) to receive your security code. Enter the code and continue. Enter your new password. 

Need help? Contact ITS User Support at or at 413-585-4487. 

Password Security

Do Not Include:

Good Passwords Include:

For Example:

Start with a word you'll remember

Then modify it with special characters, numbers, and mixed capitalization.

Better Passwords Include:

For Example:

Choose a phrase you can remember and reduce it to the first letters of each word, working in some numbers, capitalization, and punctuation.

You can also pick 4-6 random letters and then make a phrase out of them, adding in numbers and special characters. 

Don't Reuse Your Passwords!

It's tempting, but reusing passwords - even long, complicated ones - puts your information at risk. If one account gets compromised, all your accounts are compromised. Keep your information safe and use a unique password for every account.