OneCard Information

Your OneCard is your Smith College ID card and is used to access buildings, dining, borrow materials at the Library, do laundry, print, make purchases at many locations on campus, and ride local buses. 

Most incoming students will receive their OneCard in their packet at Central Check-in. Some incoming students may receive their OneCard as part of their orientation program.

Door Access 

Door access to residence houses, dining rooms, and academic spaces is automatically programmed on your OneCard based on your housing assignment, dining plan, and course registrations.


Swipe your OneCard for meals in dining rooms or use it to order food with the GrubHub app.

Students on the board plan can swipe their cards at the cafes to use their Dining Dollars.

For more information, go to

Campus Cash

Students can add and store funds, called Campus Cash, to their card that can be used for purchases at a variety of locations, including the Campus Center Cafe, laundry machines, the Smith College Computer Store, and more.

Deposits to Campus Cash can be made online at with a credit or debit card or with cash at deposit stations in Neilson Library, Campus Center, and Stoddard Hall.


Students can use their OneCard to print at student printers in the Libraries, Science Center buildings, and in Seelye Hall. 

For more information, visit Printing and Scanning


Buses to local colleges are free during the semester with your OneCard.

Lost or Stolen Cards

Suspend a lost or stolen card online.

Replacement cards are available by writing to Ungergraduate students receive one free replacement card during their time at Smith. Additional replacements are $20 each.

Temporary cards can be issued at the ITSC in Stoddard Hall (second floor) or by Campus Police after hours.