Welcome to staff! Below you will find guides to using Smith's supported digital tools for remote work and information on how to remotely access specialized campus software. If you need additional assistance, select the Request Help button below.

Supported Tools for Remote Work

The tools highlighted below are a select list of those most commonly used by Smith staff for working remotely. For a complete list of all supported tools, documentation, and FAQs, please visit our Supported Tools page. To access the information, simply select the name of the software or the drop-down menu on the right.

Campus Phones

While you won’t have your desk phone at home, you can access your work phone remotely. Simply call 413-585-2074, then follow the prompts to access your mailbox.

  • To update your phone greeting to direct people to your email address (or a department/colleague’s email), press 82 to access the greeting menu, then follow the voice prompts.

  • To check your messages, follow the prompts after you’ve accessed your mailbox. Information on using the voicemail system is available here.

To make calls on behalf of the college while you’re working remotely, you have several options.

  • Your personal device. (If you want to block your number, start your call by dialing *67, then dial the number.)

  • Set up a Zoom meeting, then connect via your personal phone.

  • If you’re calling a Smith staff or faculty member, you can use Google Hangouts, with or without video.

Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere is a web-based tool that allows you to capture instant feedback in a variety of forms. It can be used in remote classes, virtual meetings, events, and more. Smith has a campus-wide license.


VoiceThread is a web-based tool that allowsusers to post texts, audio, and video, as well as handdrawn annotations, for commenting and interaction. Smith has a campus-wide license as of spring 2020. Staff can login to VoiceThread at .

Materials from VoiceThread

Materials from Smith College


Workday is Smith's system for managing human resources, payroll, student employment, finance, and budget information.

  • Log in to Workday at

  • Get help with Workday tasks at

      • Recommended browsers: Firefox or Google Chrome. If you are not already logged in on Firefox or Google Chrome with a account, you will be prompted to log in with your Smith credentials before you can access the Workday Help Site.

Remote Access to Specialized Campus Software

Smith has licenses for analytical, graphical analysis, media, productivity, statistical, and other software programs that members of the campus community can use. You'll find a full list of software below in How to Access Specialized Campus Software.