Classroom List

Are you teaching in Interterm 2024 or Spring 2024 and need special classroom technology? Fill out the Faculty Support Request form.


The Registrar's Office manages the assignment of classrooms each semester. Below you'll find a list of the technology available in all of the Registrar classrooms, as well as information about which classrooms might be best for certain teaching scenarios.

All Registrar (non-departmental) classrooms have the following standard technology:

Many classrooms also have BluRay players which support DVDs and CDs. If your classroom does not and you need one, please email

As outlined below, a limited number of classrooms have additional technology:

Best for hybrid options

These rooms have built-in cameras and microphones for both in-room and Zoom use, as well as multiple screens for viewing remote participants and shared content separately.

* Bass Young and Seelye 106 are set up as flexible classrooms and have more than the standard technology setup. We strongly recommended that instructors meet with a classroom support tech before teaching in this space. Please send a request to to schedule a meeting.

**Neilson Classrooms do not have a classroom computer. Instructors should bring a laptop if needed.

***Neilson 102 Browsing Room is only available for classroom scheduling from 8am-4pm Mondays and Wednesdays.

Classrooms best for supporting remote presenters, students who are listening in, and recording options

These rooms have projection for shared content, either a handheld mic or a mic built into the camera*, a classroom mic receiver that can be used with lapel mics**, and a high-quality webcam on a tripod that can be positioned to send video from the classroom. Some rooms, indicated below, have an additional wireless handheld mic that can be passed around for Q&A.

*Please note that built-in mics will pick up most of the classroom audio, but there may be some distortion or holes in coverage. 

**If you would like to use a lapel mic, please visit the help desk at Seelye B4 to sign one out for the semester.

Classrooms best for supporting Zoom with partial audio coverage

These rooms have a high quality webcam on a tripod that can be positioned to send video from the classroom. In most cases, audio is sent to Zoom via a mic suspended from the ceiling. In smaller rooms, the mic is built into the webcam. Both of these types of audio coverage mean that the front of the room and about ⅔ of the students closest to the mic will be picked up on audio.