Welcome students! See below for general information about Smith's supported digital tools for remote learning, remote access to specialized campus software, and Workday, where you can keep track of your academic record . For assistance, select the Request Help button below or the Help item in the menu bar.

General Supported Tools for Remote Learning

Zoom and Moodle are the most frequently used tools for remote teaching and learning. To access the information, select the name of the software or the drop-down menu on the right. For a complete list of all supported tools, documentation, and FAQs, please visit our Supported Tools page.


Moodle is Smith’s primary system for course sites and materials.

Login at:

Smith Materials:


Zoom is Smith's primary videoconferencing tool for meetings and many courses. For information on scheduling and managing meetings, please visit our Zoom page.

Keep your Zoom app up to date! Some features and functionality, such as being able to participate in breakout rooms, will stop working properly if your app is out of date. Updating the Zoom Desktop App.

Setting Up Zoom

Attending Zoom Meetings

Depending on your course, your instructor may also ask you to use one or more of the following:


Perusall is an e-reader platform that allows students and faculty to annotate assigned readings.

Materials from Perusall:


Slack is a messaging and collaboration platform where classes and other groups can connect with each other and share information and resources. Smith has a campus-wide license as of summer 2020. Our initial focus is on course uses, but we will be making Slack available for more general use later in the fall.

If your instructor is using Slack, you will receive an email to join their course workspace. Follow the instructions in the email to join the course.


Materials from Slack

Smith Workshop Materials


VoiceThread is a web-based tool that allows users to post texts, audio, and video, as well as hand-drawn annotations, for commenting and interaction. Smith has a campus-wide license as of spring 2020.

Materials from VoiceThread

Remote Access to Specialized Campus Software

Smith has licenses for analytical, graphical analysis, media, productivity, statistical, and other software programs that members of the campus community can use. You'll find a full list of software below in How to Access Specialized Campus Software.

Supported Tools for Remote Work


Workday is Smith's system for managing payroll and student employment information. It's where you can search for on-campus jobs, report your time worked, and access your year-end W-2 forms.

  • Log in to Workday at

  • Get help with Workday tasks at

      • Recommended browsers: Firefox or Google Chrome. If you are not already logged in on Firefox or Google Chrome with a account, you will be prompted to log in with your Smith credentials before you can access the Workday Help Site.