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Cybersecurity Training

Cybersecurity—the practice of protecting digital information and infrastructure— requires the diligence and attention of the whole Smith community. Approximately 90% of security breaches occur with human error, but individuals who receive regular cybersecurity awareness training are up to five times less likely to click a malicious link than people who do not receive training. 

Beginning August 23, 2023, Smith Community members will need to take cybersecurity awareness training annually. This training provides an introduction to cybersecurity best practices and concepts, and aims to prepare the Smith community for the challenges and opportunities presented by an ever-changing technology. 


Q: Why do we need to take cybersecurity awareness training?

The training is necessary in order to help prevent cybersecurity breaches and maintain the security of both Smith and personal data.  In addition, it is required for Smith’s cyber liability insurance coverage.

Q: How long will it take me to complete the training?

It should take between 15 -20 minutes to complete the training.

Q: What other security steps does Smith take ?

ITS uses a layered approach to cybersecurity at Smith, in accordance with best practices established by security professionals and researchers. This includes: 

By layering these approaches in tandem with a well-informed, regularly trained user community, Smith can enhance its security posture and drastically reduce the likelihood of a successful attack or breach.

Q: How will Smith know that I have completed my cybersecurity training?