WoM Core Values & Principles

The World of Movies will hire new Staff based on their Qualities and not necessarily their Qualifications.

We are looking for the following Qualities:

    • Resourcefulness
    • Common Sense
    • Courage
    • Communication Abilities
    • Determination

These other Qualities fundamental to obtaining a position with our Company.

    • Honesty (& Transparency)
    • Extraordinary Customer Service
    • Freedom
    • Innovation (& Free Thinking)
    • 80% Engagement
    • Positive Team Spirit
    • Continual Learning (Lessons & Reading)
    • Passionate
    • Compassion (& Empathy)
    • Respect (& Humility)
    • Health (Exercise & Diet)
    • Ability to Work Smart

Our Goal is Happiness

For all our Customers & Staff.

We'll create a Community for all our Customers, in the UK & Internationally, whereby they feel valued & fully appreciated. This will be done consistently through various interactions, either directly or through all Social Media platforms, i.e. Instagram, etc.