WoM Executive Summary

World of Movies (WoM) will have the most ambitious and exciting roller-coasters, including one of the fastest in the world, and will be divided into separate Quadrants for different age groups, thus allowing a different experience for all ages.

There is also The Hub, an additional state of the art Gaming facility providing 3-D, Virtual Reality, and the very latest online gaming technology.

Theme Parks have been a fundamental aspect of the family recreational lifestyle for many decades. British families have been to at least one, in either the USA or Europe, usually at considerable cost. In the North of the UK, there are only two main theme parks, Alton Towers, and Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Each of these attractions is subject to antiquated rides, inclement weather, seasonal closures, as well as long distance driving.

Building the WoM Theme Park, and providing the facility with regular family Movie themes, would provide a constant flow of Customers influenced by the extensive Marketing of each respective film. Film Distributors have literally tens of millions of dollars to promote their blockbuster Movies. One of the unique aspects of the WoM Theme Park is they will be given the opportunity to Premier their new film at our state of the art facilities, thus providing the point of sale Merchandise as well as A-List Celebrities, who are contractually obligated to promote the film.

Each of the rides may also be modified to promote the respective film and live shows can be created to interact with the Children and Adults during the week. The theme can be literally changed on a weekly basis, at no additional cost to the WoM Marketing budget, thus generating higher repeat business and consistent revenues.

There will be a separate Stage, with a retractable roof, for live Bands & Performers on Tour in the UK and we would provide a cost-effective alternative to any of the other major city venues. This could provide up to 25,000 additional customers in the evenings and would provide additional revenue to the WoM Theme Park in the evenings, once the main park closes for the day. The car parks and dedicated buses would also be utilized, for a cost. Concerts would be conducted throughout the year by providing suitable weather cover as well as eco-friendly heating during the Winter months.

Vendors such as; McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Subway and Burger King will all be invited to acquire the leasehold for the food & beverages, while other major brands such as Starbucks, Costa Coffee, Coca-Cola and Pepsi will also be invited to participate in providing refreshments.

Schools will be given a preferential rate and various Charities will also benefit. Advanced online purchasing will be encouraged to allow the Management, and the Vendors, to predict the volume of customers that day and help to schedule the daily resources of the park in advance.

The WoM Theme Park will be able to easily facilitate 50,000 patrons and more, subject to a further 50% expansion into a 150 Acre site, to help cope with public demand.

The World of Movies Theme Park will be 100% eco-efficient and will have a dedicated Eco-Team monitoring and maintaining all eco-friendly initiatives for construction, power, water, etc, on 7 days a week basis.

Another aspect is the Theme Park will be 75% covered from the elements providing a 362 day experience. There will be a luxury Hotel for Guests, as well as plans for an adjacent Golf Course & Country Club, subject to planning, for more mature Customers.

The WoM Theme Park will be close to both Manchester and Liverpool and has direct access to Lancashire, Yorkshire, Northern Wales, the Midlands & Scotland, which has a combined population of 34,000,000 customers from approx. 64 million people in the entire United Kingdom.

There is also access via Airports in Liverpool & Manchester for Tourists from America & Canada and Europe, as well as easy access from London & Europe, via Virgin Railways and two major Motorways.