Eco & Nuclear (Thorium)

In the pursuit of safe & affordable sources of energy, the World of Movies will develop a division to specifically seek alternative sources of power, which will include Thorium.

By linking up with existing companies specializing in this sector, we intend to build a small, modified Thorium Reactor, to provide the entire Theme Park with constant power. All planning & permissions will be subject to Local Council & Environmental Agency approvals.

Thorium is a dense metal that can be used to provide safe and effective Nuclear Power for electricity generation. Both China & India are currently testing this technology in their respective countries.

The metal is also currently used in aircraft engines and rockets, due to the fact the metal imparts high strength and resistance at elevated temperatures.

Thorium is expected to become an important resource in the future despite previously been treated as a waste product and therefore readily available throughout the World.

For more information see: Thorium Website