WoM Income Projections

The World of Movies Theme Park will have a capacity of 50,000 patrons per day, although we've based our preliminary income projections on the following criteria:

      • 10,000 - Adults
      • 10,000 - Children (Under 16)
      • 2,000 - Special Needs & Senior Citizens
      • 22,000

This revenue is equivalent to: £775,000 (Approx. $1,021,000) per day. Based on 7 day week opening this would be £5,425,000 (Approx. $7.15m) per week. This is approx: £279,000,000 (Approx. $367.6m) per annum (Based on 362 days, as the Theme Park will be closed for 3 days a year for holidays (Christmas & New Years Day & Easter Sunday)

The above figures exclude the following;

      • Concert Revenues (Based on up to 25,000 patrons per event)
      • Food & Drink Vendor Rentals
      • Fees from Film Distributors for one week rental of the entire Theme Park
      • Corporate event & Private party Incomes
      • WoM Merchandising & Branding worldwide
      • Energy Centre revenue
      • Intellectual Property Incomes
      • Hotel Revenues & Spa Incomes

We believe these combined incomes could gross an additional £450,000 (Approx. $592,000) per day, which is equivalent to £162,000,000 (Approx. $213.5m) per annum.

The Theme Park will have the capacity for further 50-acre expansion, subject to public demand, and therefore we expect to increase revenues by another forty percent.

All the above calculations are gross amounts. Therefore, net profits will be subject to the following expenses;

      • Staff Salaries & Overheads
      • Any Loan/Debt Repayments
      • Corporate Taxes
      • Marketing & Sales Costs
      • Re-investment & Further expansion costs for the Theme Park.

Revenues will be calculated on a daily basis, although we also expect to be able to predict attendances in advance through extensive Internet pre-booking.

Several other ancillary Companies will be created as subsidiaries of the Theme Park that will generate additional Jobs and Revenue.

Overall, WoM Management anticipate profit margins of between 25% - 35% per annum.