WoM Disney Case Study

Disneyland, in Los Angeles, is perhaps the best example of scale we aim to achieve regarding the World of Movies Theme Park in the UK. The WoM Theme Park will be approx. 150 acres, with an additional 200 acres for buildings, parking & public space.

Therefore, WoM Theme Park would equal the size of Disneyland, although that is where a majority of the similarities would end.

Disneyland was the first of the Disney theme parks and was built in 1955.

The park employs around 10,000 Staff and Gross Revenues for 2016 were $2,5 Billion Dollars, based on approx.17.94 Million customers.

In respect of the fact that Walt Disney is the "Grandfather" of the modern Theme Park, we intend to erect a small Bronze Statue of just the great man in the flowerbed of the Infants Section, with an infinity light upon it. All subject to permission from the Disney Family.

The Disney Corp. is by far the largest company in the world involved in theme parks.

The 2nd largest is Merlin Entertainments Group (Plc)

Attached is an overview of the various Theme Parks and attractions from around the world, and their attendances. The Theme Park sector is rapidly expanding, especially in China & South East Asia.