Eco & Environment

The Environment is a key aspect of the Theme Park as the Management fully understand the impact a project of this scale would have on the landscape. Therefore, every aspect fo the project will be eco-friendly, including the construction materials and process required to build the Theme Park.

Using the very latest technologies in Wind farming, Solar power, Sanitation and Water harvesting, we intend to utilize all new tech and allow suppliers to work with the WoM in developing their products for the global market.

Companies such as Tesla and their new Power Wall technology is providing energy storage solutions that will revolutionize this sector. By purchasing from companies like Tesla, we provide them with the resources to maintain their R&D on this sector and reduce the amount of wasted energy in society today.

The WoM Management will deliberately seek out new solutions from the UK and around the World and implement them in order to support these Inventors and Specialists so they can maintain their effectiveness in today's global market.

We will employ a dedicated team of environmental experts (The Green Team) who will be employed to monitor eco-aspects of the Theme Park on a 7-Days a week basis. Their data will be an open resource for Technology Companies, Colleges & Universities, and the Global Media. Only electric driverless vehicles will be used in the Theme Park.

Additionally, public transport will be promoted and we will lease or purchase a number of eco-Buses that will run on a loop system, for free, from the local Train Stations.

All these Buses currently exist and we will acquire them for use to and from the Theme Park in a conscious attempt to reduce the amount of conventional traffic, thus reducing pollution and congestion. By using this technology will inform children and future generations, that environmentally friendly solutions are both viable and practical.

Every opportunity will be taken to align with companies and institutions that have a similar pro-environment agenda, e.g. The Virgin Group.