WoM Chairman & CEO

Chairman & CEO

World of Movies Ltd. is a British based Theme Park conceived by Richard. He's already assembled a highly qualified, multi-award winning Team to complete the project with the intent of creating an abundance of sustainable jobs in the UK & USA.

Richard is an Entrepreneur who was born in the United Kingdom, yet began his career making Feature films in Southern Africa. After completing film school, he Directed several 16mm Documentaries and Promotional Videos independently and in association with the South African Broadcasting Company. He then commenced working on Feature Films and worked consecutively on many larger budget Movies and major Television Series as First Assistant Director & Second Unit Director and proceeded to Develop, Produce & Direct a number of independent projects. As a Writer, Richard wrote over two dozen original film projects that are planned for production. All rights to these projects are currently owned by Briton Ventures Ltd. (www.britonventures.com)

Richard also runs Briton Gold Ltd, a company Richard created that is dedicated to purchasing and selling Gold, Silver & Diamonds in all forms, from established African Suppliers for resale to Buyers in Europe, USA, and the Middle East. (www.britongold.com)

He is also the Founder of E-Cars ( Corp.) an Anglo-American eco-initiative to modify existing petrol or diesel vehicles to become more efficient by converting to hybrid or full electric conversion. We are also investigating the use of Thorium as a means to power engines in the future. The enterprise is a job creation initiative in the UK & USA, with the full support of various European & American Investment Funds. (www.e-carseurope.co.uk)

Further companies & projects include; Studios in the USA. The fund will also support aspects of the Briton Ventures portfolio of companies and projects. Negotiations are currently taking place with Venture Capital companies to invest in the endeavour.

The BV Fund, an equity fund specialising in co-financing Movies with major Film

The Monaco of the Maldives is a major Maldives development incorporating the latest eco-tech innovation for living in luxury in the Indian Ocean.

HOPE (Helping Other People Everywhere) is a Non-profit organization dedicated to educating underprivileged Children and Families and supporting Animal conservation. "War on Extreme Poverty" is an initiative to collaborate with Entrepreneurs around the world to help irradicate extreme poverty. "One World" is a fundraising initiative to raise funds around the world for AIDS Widows & Orphans all over the world, commencing in Southern Africa. "Five Alive" is a fundraising event dedicated to animal welfare and conservation around the world and supporting many major wildlife charities. (www.hopefund.co.uk)

Richard's recreational activities include; Flying, Scuba Diving, Motor Racing, Golf, Tennis, Kick-Boxing Football (Manchester United), Rugby, Photography, Polo, Yoga, Global Cultures, Space Exploration, Psychology & Philosophy, Travelling and Skydiving.