Presidents Day

The World of Movies Theme Park was incorporated on the 4th July 2014 and in celebration, we will host Presidents Day.

This will be a day-long celebration of the special relationship between the United Kingdom and the United States of America and in the benefit of a previous US Presidents Charitable Foundation, e.g. The Obama Foundation (

Previous Presidents include; Bill Clinton, George Bush Snr, George W. Bush, Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama.

The President and the First Lady will be invited to attend and we'll also invite American Celebrities and Dignitaries already based in the UK to the event, as well as other major celebrities from around Europe and the rest of the World.

We will deliberately select 50,000 people to attend this very special event, based on their previous attendances, special needs Charities, etc. Each attendee will be charged £100, which will include a meal and gifts as well as special Concert at the end of the evening with a major American Star.

The American Vendors at the Theme Park, e.g. McDonald's, KFC, Subway, etc, will be invited to sponsor the event and the revenue from the WoM Theme Park, the President Day Sponsor, HOPE, and all the Media revenues will be donated to the President's Foundation.

There will be a special event whereby the CEO of the respective American Vendor will hand the President & First Lady a cheque for the guaranteed amount of £10 Million (Approx. $14m) for their Foundation.

The entire event would be streamed live around the world, providing exposure to the Foundation, the Event Sponsors, and HOPE and the respective work they do throughout the world.

All attendees will be effectively screened ahead of the event and State of the Art Security will be provided by the very best British & American resources.