Multi-Cultural Days

Periodically the Theme Park will host entire days where a specific Culture is highlighted, e.g. Chinese, Russian, Indian, Brazilian, Egyptian, Colombian, Italian, Spanish, etc.

We will invite the respective Countries to provide Performers and information regarding their culture, i.e. China. The various Vendors in the Theme Park will be encouraged to provide food & beverages appropriate to the respective culture.

The respective Ambassadors and their Staff will be invited to the event and encourage to give a talk to the Children regarding their culture and the day will end with an elaborate show on the main stage of Performers & Singers performing culturally relevant dancing & songs.

In the evening there will be an elaborate firework display and cultural gifts for Children as they leave to go home. The event will be streamed live on the WoM Website and uploaded onto various social media platforms.

These Cultural Days will coincide with the School Children that will be invited to the Theme Park during the week. This will provide Children from British schools the opportunity to learn, in a fun and entertaining way, about foreign cultures and hopefully inspire them to visit the respective country one day in the future.