WoM Ticket Pricing

One of the fundamental policies is the World of Movies Theme Park will be accessible to all families, irrespective of their income, or economic situation at the time.

Consequently, Ticket Prices are based on the following:

    • £50 per Adult.
    • £25 per Child (Under 16yrs).
    • £12.50 per Senior Citizen & Special Needs Person.

Providing an All-access Pass, allowing access to all rides & facilities in the entire WoM Theme Park.

Alternatively, Customers may also wish to purchase per Quadrant:

    • £12.50 per Adult.
    • £ 7.50 per Child.

This offer is based on a minimum of One Adult & One Child and will allow Customers access to a specific Quadrant of their choice, plus the central Games Quadrant (The Hub). It would also be possible to purchase more than one Quadrant per day.

Electronic Wristbands (ETS) will be issued to every Customer and regulate where people are allowed to go when paying per Quadrant. All rides and shows within the Quadrant are completely free.

Families on a lower income will be invited to use our online Save & Pay System, where they, or their friends & family, contribute to the price of their Holiday.

World of Movies will endeavor to provide free transport from Railway Stations & Airports (Subject to terms & conditions). Staff will also be allowed to use this service.

The WoM Management will seek subsidies from Local Councils & Charities for special needs Children, and their Carers. For low-income families traveling significant distances, i.e. Scotland, Wales, Ireland, etc. the WoM Travel Team will endeavor to arrange subsidized travel through public & private transport companies.

Schools will be invited during the weekdays and given a preferential treatment and bespoke events will be planned for the Children in conjunction with their Teachers.

Every Child leaving the WoM Theme Park will be given Gift Bags. This will consist of Point of Sale (POS) products from the specific Movie shown that week at the WoM. In the event, for whatever reason, no POS is available for that specific film, then Children will then be given WoMMerchandise, which includes Hats, Posters, Mugs, T-Shirts, etc.

Hotel rooms not booked by 7pm will be offered to WoM Staff, and their families, for a generously discounted rate.

WoM Sales Team will encourage advanced online ticket purchasing, thus allowing the Management of all Food and Beverage Vendors to predict the volume of Customers each day and help to schedule the required amount of Staff as well as predict the Theme Park's daily cash-flow.