WoM Staff Appy Days

Appy Days are single days whereby members of the World of Movies Staff will be required to spend a day with another department within the company. The purpose of this exercise is developing a greater appreciation of what other members of the company are actually doing, especially if it's in direct relation to what they do, i.e. Sales and Marketing, etc.

This strategy will also oblige Staff to make new connections and friendships within the company, despite working in separate departments and possibly inspire new ideas.

We will also extend Appy Days to incorporate new hires into the company. People who are interested in joining, and have undergone our initial induction into the WoM, which includes:

  • Filling an online registration that highlights their Qualities, and is regardless of their Qualifications & Previous experience.
  • Read The Seven Day Weekend by Ricardo Semler.
  • Initial Telephone Interview
  • Informal Interview (At a convenient Coffee shop or Restaurant).

Additionally, if a Member of WoM Staff is interested in moving from one department to another, Appy Days would provide that person with first-hand knowledge and experience of that Team and their culture within the department before applying for a move.

We also intend to form alliances with other forward-thinking companies,

such as internet retailer Zappos who have developed a Culture Book.