Rides (Various)

The World of Movies will have the most advanced outdoor rides in the world and each one a signature ride. The fastest ride in the world is the Formula Rossa ride in Abu Dhabi and achieve up to 150mph (240km/h) and is built & designed by Intamin Worldwide

We will engage Intamin to design and build a similar roller coaster...only faster.

For indoor rides we will build a brand new ride that does not exist anywhere in the world. This is a top secret project which we have provisionally called "Gravity".

However, The Hub will also have 4-D rides that take advantage of Virtual Reality, in conjunction with EON Reality and 3-D technologies.

Not all rides will be required to be state-of-the-art. In the Infants section, we intend to have more traditional rides such as a working 50% scale model Steam Train that will be electric, yet able to generate Steam for effect. The track will run throughout the entire Infant Quadrant.

Additionally, we will also acquire a Carousel and the Art & Design Team, working in conjunction with the Engineering Team, will restore the ride to the highest standard.