WoM Culture

Above is a typical example of how a "conventional" corporate system operates. Highly inefficient & bureaucratic. This reduces both creativity and innovation, as well as job satisfaction and overall happiness of working for the company. Typically these kinds of businesses have a high Staff turnover, which is both expensive and can often reduce the output of their business.

It is proven that a happier company is 400% more productive than a company where Employees are miserable. Therefore, the culture of WoM Theme Park is a Holacracy (www.holacracy.org). This essentially means each member of Staff has a remarkable amount of freedom to operate and conduct themselves within our company.

Bigger isn't always better. Since the Fortune 500 list was created, a staggering 85% of those Corporations no longer exist. We also implement an Idea Meritocracy, whereby the very best ideas will be implemented. By recruiting on these principles means we won't have to have the burden and risk of converting any existing employees.

At the World of Movies we will be hiring people on their Qualities rather than their Qualifications, as we will be training people on a regular basis and so are looking for the best personalities to fill those vacancies.

Here is a Personality Test that will help candidates determine is they would be appropriate for our company: