WoM Electronic Tagging (ETS)

Customer safety will be a major priority for the WoM Management. Therefore, we will use a highly advanced bespoke Electronic Tagging System (ETS) that will allow people to move around the Theme Park with full knowledge where each of their respective party is at any time. This will also allow the Security to monitor all Patrons in the entire facility at all times.The WoM Wristband is linked to a Mobile Phone App that allows Parents & Children to track each other throughout the Theme Park.

The WoM Wristband will have other functions including tagging onto Rides. Instead of waiting for hours, a signal will be sent to the phone to notify the Customer their ride allocation is near. This will provide a queue-less environment allowing everyone to maximise time at the World of Movies Theme Park.

The WoM Wristband may also be topped up online, using a mobile phone, or at nominated vendors. This allows Customer entry to the WoM Theme Park without the use of any physical cash.