Energy Centre

The WoM will also build a state-of-the-art Energy Centre, to service Customers driving to the venue. as well as ancillary Traffic from the nearby Highway.

This entire venture is based on the following:

  • The facility will be an ultra-modern with the latest cutting-edge technology.
  • All aspects of the facility will be eco-related and therefore sustainable.
  • Apart from Petrol & Diesel, the Energy Centre will also provide LPG and Electric charging capability, using solar, wind and other alternative energy providers.
  • The Restaurant will be Michelin Star standard, with conventional pricing.
  • The Store will be franchised to higher-end retailers such as M&S or Waitrose.
  • There will be ultra-modern rest facilities exclusively for Lorry Drivers and Coach Drivers.
  • A Bus Lane/Carpool lane may be provided by the Highway Authority to help with any additional congestion.
  • An overflow car park may be joined with the WoM Theme Park for Customers.

The award-winning design company, Foster & Partners (, currently building the new Apple Headquarters, will be given the task of designing a revolutionary new building that will embrace the latest technology from today as well as create a vision of the future.

Various oil companies, including; Shell, BP, etc. will be allowed to tender to supply the facility on strict understanding the Energy Centre is maintained on the core values of the WoM Management (See: WoM: Core Values & Principles)

In summary, the Energy Centre will be an example of British design, engineering, and functionality that will set a new precedent for Motorway stops in the UK & Europe.