Schools & Charities

One of the challenges the World of Movies will face is populating the Theme Park during weekdays, especially mid-term when Parents are working and Children are at School.

One way to address this issue is for our WoM Sales Team to approach the School Authorities to obtain the relevant permission to invite various Schools in the entire Northern Region, within a pre-designated distance, to attend the Theme Park for educational and enjoyment purposes for an entire School day from 10am until 4pm.

The day would comprise of various parts;

  • In the morning the Children would attend a lecture given by a prominent Person or Celebrity in whatever educational field the Teachers feel is appropriate for that specific age group and in conjunction with their particular curriculum. This talk will be held on the Stage and therefore allow the respective Lecturers to use the large LED Screen for presentation purposes.
  • The Children break for lunch. The WoM Management will encourage each of the Vendors to offer free, or subsidized food & drink for the kids, whenever possible.
  • In the afternoon the Children are then allowed to play throughout the WoM Theme Park on the various rides & activities.
  • Each Child will leave at around 4pm, ahead of rush-hour, with a complimentary WoM Gift Bag.

Certain Schools and Charities would also be offered assistance with travel costs, relative to the distance from their respective schools to the WoM Theme Park. The offer will be available throughout the year.

It’s important to the WoM Management that no child is ever made to feel excluded, irrespective of their social or religious orientation, as one of the fundamental aspects of our Theme Park is to demonstrate openness and kindness to all cultures and ethnic minorities at all times.

Revenues from the Theme Park will also be allocated to HOPE (Helping Other People Everywhere) This funding will be used to support many Children's Charities in the UK and Internationally.

There will be a focus on families and a fund will be created to sponsor economically challenged families in the UK to visit the WoM Theme Park. Also, families with physically or mentally challenged children will benefit along with terminally ill children.

Each member of the World of Movies Staff will be given 6 HOPE Days per year. These will be fully paid additional days whereby each Staff member helps the HOPE Charity, in any category of their choice; i.e. Children, Animals, Orphans, etc.

Alternatively, WoM Staff can provide assistance to physically or mentally challenged Children & Adults attending the Theme Park. The days may be taken separately or simultaneously, and are additional days so are exclusive to annual leave.

All the above will be conducted in full compliance with the rules & regulations, as required.