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76th Program

Virginia Philosophical Association Annual Meeting 2015
Friday, October 9th - Saturday, October 10th

(All conference events will be in the University Student Commons907 Floyd Ave., on the VCU Monroe Park Campus. This is not the MCV Campus).

Friday, October 9th, 2015 (Commonwealth Ballroom A)

2:15                 Registration

2:45-3:40         Cognitive Penetration and Top-Down Processing in Visual Perception
                        Dimitria Gatzia (University of Akron)
                        Comments by Andrei Marasiou (University of Virginia)

3:45-4:40         A Portable Defense of the Procreation Asymmetry
                        Jake Earl (Georgetown University)
                        Comments by Nicholas Rimell (University of Virginia)

4:40-5:05         Break

5:05-6:00         On the Difficulty of Accounting for Supererogation
                        Nora Grigore (University of Texas at Austin)
                        Comments by Andrew Morgan (University of Virginia)

6:05-7:00         Transparency and the Slippery Slope Argument
                        Jeremy Dawson (Ryerson University)
                        Comments by Derek Lam (University of Virginia)

7:15                 Banquet

8:00-9:00         Banquet Address (Commonwealth Ballroom B)
                        How to Ruin an Otherwise Good Time at the Movies: A Philosopher Thinks about Star Wars
                        Marc Hight (Hampden-Sydney College)

Saturday, October 10th, 2015 (Richmond Salon)

9:00                 Registration and Continental Breakfast

9:30-10:25       Happiness is Not Psychic Affirmation
                        Sean Meseroll (University of Kansas)
                        Comments by Gil Hersch (University of California, San Diego)

10:30-11:25     Religion: For Both Brights and Lights
                        Sheldon Wein (Saint Mary's University)
                        Comments by Rick J. Ray (Northeast State Community College)

11:25-11:40     Break

11:40-12:40     Keynote Lecture
Self-Regulating Passions: Hume's Alternative to Practical Reason
                        Elizabeth Radcliffe (College of William and Mary)

12:45-1:00       Resolution of Gratitude and elections