VPA: Virginia Philosophical Association

The VPA meets annually each fall, usually in October or November.  Each meeting includes submitted presentations (with commentators) from Friday afternoon through Saturday morning.  Each meeting also includes a brief business meeting and two invited talks, one of which takes place at the end of the Friday night meal.  The meeting concludes with the humorously wrought but seriously intended "Resolution of Thanks" to the host institution. 

The VPA charges no dues or registration fees for the meeting and the host institution graciously provides an evening meal.
  • All faculty or graduate students in philosophy at a Virginia college or university (or those with equivalent competence and interest in philosophy) are invited to submit papers to the conference, participate in the conference, and vote on officers.
  • Philosophers from other states are also welcome to submit papers to the conference and participate in the conference.
  • All philosophy undergrads, other undergrads, and community members are welcome to participate.
History: The prime mover for the organization of the VPA was Professor Albert G.A. Balz, Head of the Corcoran School of Philosophy at the University of Virginia.  He first suggested the idea of an annual meeting of the philosophers of Virginia and was aided by Professor Majorie S. Harris of Randolph-Macon Woman's College and Dean James W. Miller of The College of William and Mary in arranging the first meeting under the sponsorship of the Philosophy Club at the University of Virginia on November 25, 1939.  In each of the subsequent years, a committee was set up to handle the arrangements the following year.  The group did not meet for several years during World War II.