Virginia Philosophical Association Annual Meeting 2015
Friday, October 9th - Saturday, October 10th
Friday, October 9th, 2015

2:15                 Registration

2:45-3:40         On the Difficulty of Accounting for Supererogation
                        Nora Grigore (University of Texas at Austin)
                        Comments by Andrew Morgan (University of Virginia)

3:45-4:40         A Portable Defense of the Procreation Asymmetry
                        Jake Earl (Georgetown University)
                        Comments by Nicholas Rimell (University of Virginia)

4:40-5:05         Break

5:05-6:00         Cognitive Penetration and Top-Down Processing in Visual Perception
                        Dimitria Gatzia (University of Akron)
                        Comments by Andrei Marasoiu (University of Virginia)

6:05-7:00         Transparency and the Slippery Slope Argument
                        Jeremy Dawson (Ryerson University)
                        Comments by Derek Lam (University of Virginia)

7:15                 Banquet

8:00-9:00         Banquet Address
                        Marc Hight (Hampden-Sydney College)

Saturday, October 10th, 2015

9:00                 Registration and Continental Breakfast

9:30-10:25       Happiness is Not Psychic Affirmation
                        Sean Meseroll (University of Kansas)
                        Comments by Gil Hersch (University of California, San Diego)

10:30-11:25     Religion: For Both Brights and Lights
                        Sheldon Wein (Saint Mary's University)
                        Comments by Rick J. Ray (Northeast State Community College)

11:25-11:40     Break

11:40-12:40     Keynote Address
Self-Regulating Passions: Hume's Alternative to Practical Reason
                        Elizabeth Radcliffe (College of William and Mary)

12:45-1:00       Resolution of Gratitude and elections