The 82nd Meeting of the Virginia Philosophical Association will take place October 29th-30th at Old Dominion University

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Program for the 82nd Conference

of the Virginia Philosophical Association

Friday, October 29th – Saturday, October 30th

Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA

Friday, October 29

Hampton-Newport News Room, Webb Center

12:30 Registration

Session One:

1:00-2:00 “Kant’s Logic in Action”

Will Reckner (University of Richmond)

Commenter: Lori Underwood (Christopher Newport University)

2:10-3:10 “Later Wittgenstein and Truth Deflationism”

Jordi Fairhurst (University of Balearic Islands)

Commenter: Zachary Tabor (Old Dominion University)

3:20-4:20 “Knowing with Certainty”

Andrew Moon (Virginia Commonwealth University)

Commenter: Torrance Fung (University of Virginia)

---30 Minute Break---

Session Two:

4:50-5:50 “An Interrogation of Patricia Hill Collins’ Account of Western Epistemology”

Jason Barton (University of New Mexico)

Commenter: Lauren Eichler (Old Dominion University)

6:00-7:00 “Gender Identity as Narrative”

Jake Beardsley (William and Mary)

Commenter: Melina Bell (Washington & Lee)

7:15 Banquet Dinner

8:15-9:15 Banquet Address "Like a corpse rotting in a charnel ground: Extreme metal and meditation as attention-shaping practices"

Bryce Huebner (Georgetown University)

Saturday, October 30

Hampton-Newport News Room, Webb Center

8:30 Registration and Continental Breakfast

Session 3:

9:00-10:00 “Parity Arguments in Ontology”

Catherine Sutton (Virginia Commonwealth University)

Commenter: Paul Nedelisky (University of Virginia)

10:10-11:10 “To Sōma and the Aisthēsis in Plato’s Phaedo”

Tyler McDowall (Trinity College)

Commenter: Sean Driscoll (University of Richmond)

11:30-12:30 Keynote Lecture

Dylan Wittkower (Old Dominion University)

12:30-12:45 Resolution of Gratitude and Election of the Secretary of the VPA

1:00 Post- Conference Lunch