Research Projects


  • Adhoc Malware/Threat Analysis - VX
  • Crimeware research - Darkfloyd and PK
  • Penetration Test Automation - VX
  • Binary and 0-day Vuln Research - 0xdf x Daniel
  • Balancing the pwn trade deficit - With Val Smith and Colin Ames (
  • Malware research - with Taiwanese security and Honeynet researchers
  • Fund bidding on security research with Dr. X


    • Dissecting Zeus - 0xdf, Avatar, I.A., LenG, Sidekick, Captain, Zero
    • Vulnerable Web Sites x Stupid Practice - Zero/L^2/LenG/Taku/SideKick/0xdf/
    • June 2009 : A conference paper is released about Public Company Web Site Security. The paper is co-authored with Dr. James Kwok from ISOM in HKUST and Taku from VXRL
    • USB Forensic Token Capability Studies - Captain/Avatar/0xdf
    • DDoS - MT
    • Greem Dam and China Censorship - 0xdf
    • June 2009: Present once and will study the whole picture on China Censorship.