VXCON 2012 On Fire

Post date: Oct 31, 2012 2:57:22 AM

Hi dudes,

We will give a shot this year again at HK Polytechnic University. We have got sponsorship of computer lab from Computing Department of HK Polytechnic University and with POSTECH PLUS, AVTokyo, Chroot group as supporting groups. On behalf of VXRL, I should be very thankful to Professor Rocky Chang's assistance and time and the appreciation and support from computing department head, Professor J. Chao and every brothers from PLUS and AVTokyo.

In addition, we have invited core researchers from Chroot group in Taiwan and they are from Taipei and hold HITCON (www.hitcon.org) in every July. Their researches and works are recognised by various prominent conferences.

Date: 15/16 Dec 2012 (Sat/Sun)

Registration: 0915 - 0945

Start Time: 0945 - 1800

Venue: PQ604A, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hunghom

Lab Size: 35 seats


- Advanced SQL Injection - Orange Tsai, Chroot Group (HITCON CTF Chief)

BIO: http://orangee.tw/resume.html

- Malware Analysis and Reverse Engineering - Birdman, Chroot Group (Blackhat, DEFCON, Syscan, HITCON speaker)

BIO: https://www.defcon.org/html/defcon-19/dc-19-speakers.html

- Mac OS Hacking - TT, Chroot Group (Frequent Blackhat and HITCON speakers)

(To be confirmed)

BIO: https://www.blackhat.com/usa/speakers/Sung-ting-Tsai.html

- Android Reverse Engineering: Fun with CTF games - AlanH0 x Darkfloyd, VXRL (VXRL CTF Core Members)

- Crypto Hacking - Zetta x Darkfloyd, VXRL (VXRL CTF core member)

- DDoS Attack "Kungfu" - MT x Avenir x Captain x Darkfloyd, VXRL (DEFCON speakers)

What you will get from us?

No breakfast, No red wine, No sexy models but hacking and security kungfu ;-)


2000 HKD for 2-day workshop; 1100 HKD for single day; Paying cash on venue and send it to 390-031367-001, Hang Seng Bank.


Send email to darkfloyd[at]vxrl[dot]org

See you, dudes. Seats are limited, act and reserve it fast.


  • Venue sponsored by Computing Department of HK Polytechnic University
  • VXRL Outstanding buddies' prizes sponsored by Darkfloyd

Supporting Groups:

  • POSTECH PLUS, Pohang, S.Korea
  • AVTokyo, Japan
  • Chroot Group, Taiwan