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VXCON 2011 - Black-Vs-White Kungfu (黑功夫決戰白功夫)

posted Dec 4, 2011, 7:41 AM by Anthony Lai   [ updated Dec 17, 2011, 9:43 AM ]
Hi dudes,

We will give a shot this year again at HK Polytechnic University. We have got sponsorship of Mac lab from Computing Department of HK Polytechnic University and with POSTECH PLUS, AVTokyo, Chroot group as supporting groups. On behalf of VXRL, I should be very thankful to Professor Rocky Chang's assistance and time and the appreciation and support from computing department head, Professor J. Chao and every brothers from PLUS and AVTokyo.

Date: 17/18 Dec (Sat/Sun)
Registration: 0845 - 0915
Start Time: 0915 - 1800
Venue: QT402, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hunghom

White Day: 17 Dec (Sat) 
Reward ceremony - Outstanding VXRL buddies and Briefing

Morning: Facebook Forensics (Taku x Leng x Sweeper)

Andorid Forensics, Malware Analysis and Reverse Engineering (Darkfloyd x Captain)
After-session feeling: Dudes, enjoy it? - DF

VXCON Dining with speakers and guests (1900 to 2100)
After-session feeling: We have got too many topics to discuss including robots!

Black Day: 18 Dec (Sun)
China Hack Tools and SQL Injection Kungfu (AlanH0 x Darkfloyd)

Afternoon (**):
CTF, Reverse Engineering and Exploitation from POSTECH PLUS brothers (Cha x Dayeol)
** Please kindly read through basics of ASM, understand stack and integer overflows, playing around the Olly Debugger, understand kinds of Linux commands first.

Middle and Right: Dayeol x Cha

Hacking the darkness and goodness of Hong Kong :)

What you will get from us? 
No breakfast, No red wine, No sexy models but hacking and security kungfu ;-)

1000 HKD for 2-day workshop; 600 HKD for single day; Paying cash on venue.

Send email to darkfloyd[at]vxrl[dot]org

See you, dudes, 

          • Venue sponsored by Computing Department of HK Polytechnic University
          • VXCON 2011 sponsored by VX Kernels and good friends.
          • VXRL Outstanding buddies' prizes sponsored by Darkfloyd
Supporting Groups:
          • POSTECH PLUS, Pohang, S.Korea 
          • AVTokyo, Japan 
          • Chroot Group, Taiwan