About Us and Code of Ethics

About Us
"We may not be the most technical geeks but passionate."

We are with various industry experience over ethical hacking, penetration test, network and system security, programming and forensic, target to educate the public and enhance the security awareness and attack in industry and public.

Researcher and CTF crew (Aug 2013)(20): 
Darkfloyd, MT, Captain, Avenir, Zetta, Jyu, Alanh0, Ran2, Ran3, LenG, DDL, Ipineapple, JohnnyW, Taku, Circle, Sidekick, Toykit, Zero, 3dd13, Kong.

Code of Ethics

We have followed the  code of ethics for our offensive research and survey as below:

- For all research projects and surveys, we would like to show the proof of concepts of attacks/malware and does not target to launch the real attacks against any specific target(s).
- We don't use any exhaustive scan/attack to test any target(s).

Vulnerability Discovery and Reporting
- If any privacy data is captured, we will not use it for any commercial and illegal purpose.

- If any data breach and potential vulnerabilities are found, we will report to relevant authorities or/and the affected parties to follow up for remediation and rectification.

- Members of the project should keep confidential on the relevant project and reported vulnerabilities. Even it is for the case studies, affected parties should be masked.

- If the vulnerabilities are reported, but there are no parties responding to the notification, for the best interest of public and victims, we will resort to report to the authorities and/or media.

- Once the data required by authorities are submitted and/or their cases are closed, we will delete the data as soon as possible.

Malware Testing
- We test any malware within a controlled environment.

- We should properly manage the samples and exchange the samples within the group in encrypted format.