Blackhat USA 2011 and DEFCON 19: Mission Completed

Post date: Aug 18, 2011 3:19:53 AM

Fun and Breakthru

I have back from US and the experience is awesome as I could partner with Val and Colin in Tactical Exploitation course, working out presentation and APT service as well as research by forming Xecure Lab with Benson and Birdman. In addition, I have a great time with PLUS and learnt a lot from them.

CTF Warfare

This year, I have joined CTF with PLUS again to tackle IPv6 network environment and reverse engineering various daemons (even I cannot get much results/contribution to them indeed, however, I readily learn a lot during the game as it is my second time to join them at DEFCON CTF).

Meeting Friends

I could meet back good friends, Hacker Gary, Kim, Mati, Jim, Chris, Vivek and new friends like Mahmud as well as other Taiwanese fellows again like TT and Nanika.

APT DNA Family Clustering

I have updated our on-stage "APT secrets" presentation and will put in this post as attachment. Meanwhile, for APT/targeted attack research and service, please feel free to upload suspicious document samples to APT Deezer (

Furthermore, Ran2, DDL and I have submitted a paper about a targeted attack case studies to Malware 2011, we will probably know whether the paper will be accepted in early September.

Please stay tuned and thanks, dude. Keep our passion rolling in hacking. :-)