Codegate YUT Challenge 2013 - Mission Complete

Post date: Mar 7, 2013 6:42:16 PM

Salute and Thank you! Prepare for coming PPP and DEFCON 21 CTF contests!

We have scored 2300 points and ranked at 46 of 283 active teams in this Capture The Flag contest held by Codegate from South Korea. We have broken our best record this year.

Our world rank in Y2013 is 66 ( right now out of around 600 active teams in the planet.

Figure: Game board

Figure: Ranked at 46 out of 283 active teams

Again, salute to and special thank you to all VXRL CTF crew including: Kelvin Captain, Alan K L Chung, Ace Seven King, Lau On Eddie, Wai Leng Lee, Johnny Yu, Kenneth Tse, Johnny Wong, Jack, Austin, Frank, Ken.

In addition, we are very thankful to Computing Department from Hong Kong Polytechnic University to sponsor the venue for Codegate YUT Challenge 2013 and Professor Rocky Chang's continuous support.

Some fellows may not be free this time, and please remember PPP and DEFCON 21 CTF Pre-qualifying Round is coming in June. Let us prepare and go ahead.

Long Live Happy Hacking 開心Hacking萬歲! :-)

- Darkfloyd