Post date: Oct 22, 2011 2:37:43 PM

Hi dudes,

I will organize another year of VXCON 2011 in December (probably 17/18 Dec), please feel free to submit any idea you wanna to present, it could be interesting idea to bypassing "something", hack "something", some techniques that cannot be documented and seen.

Of course, I will personally some "secret" security geeks to be with us as well ;-)

Session Duration

Sessions could be separated as 20 minutes, 45 minutes or 75 minutes, pick your favorite duration.

Speaking Session

The areas could be:

1. Programming/coding

2. Physical security

3. network/telecom security

4. Malware/Threat Analysis

5. Forensics

6. Crytpo

7. Mobile computing

8. Technology weakness

9. Penetration test

10. Anything you believe it is interesting about hacking

Tool Kungfu Master

In addition, as learning from Blackhat, I would like to request anyone would like to demonstrate any interesting security/hacking tool. For example, you could share any special technique in NMAP, good tools found from web site, you have written a very powerful script to automate something or digging out something....etc

Speaker and Tool Kungfu Maser "Jetso"

Speaker fee would be provided at least 200-500 HKD and a USB storage ;-)

Why and what make you speaking at VXCON?

- Fun, creative, sharing and offensive

- Proud of being speaking at VXCON

- Contribute to hacking and security community


$400 - 600 HKD

Please drop an email to darkfloyd[at]vxrl[dot]org if you are interested in it.