EBCTF 2013: Ranked at 37

Post date: Aug 8, 2013 7:44:05 AM

We have just enjoyed a CTF (Capture The Flag) held by De Eindbazen, which a well-known winning team in various CTF contests from Netherland.

On behalf of VXRL, I would like to be thankful to UDomain (http://www.udomain.com.hk/) to sponsor the venue and drinks to us for our game, it is our real pleasure to be sponsored.

For the game, we have got a first blood for Web 300 by Zetta. The MVPs are Zetta, Darkfloyd and Neo@TheOne.

It is good to have various VXRL CTF crew fellows to join the game, you guys rock!

Figure 1: 1200 points ranked at 37

First blood Web300 by Zetta

Figure 2: Our first blood with Web 300. Well done and salute, Zetta.

We will publish the write up here and please stay tuned.

Write-up List:

Bin100: It's easy, no write-up :-)

Bin200: Attachment by Darkfloyd

For100: Attachment by Alanh0

For200: TBA by Captain

Net100: Attachment by Neo@theone

Web300: http://blog.ozetta.net/search/label/ebCTF%40OHM2013

Web200: http://blog.ozetta.net/2013/08/ebctfohm2013-web200.html

Crypto200: http://blog.ozetta.net/2013/08/ebctfohm2013-crypto200.html

Crypto100: http://blog.ozetta.net/2013/08/ebctfohm2013-crypto100.html