VXCON 5 (2016) - BlackKungfu Vs WhiteKungfu

Welcome, Guys and Gals:

In Y2016, it will be the fifth times of VXCON, we are glad to invite a few prominent speakers and researchers from Asia and Europe. They are frequent speakers of Blackhat, DEF CON, HITCON and in various global hacker and security conference. Meanwhile, some are very good at Malware Analysis, CTF and Exploitation and Hardware.

We focus on offensive security, threat and exploitation. Please enjoy and join us.

For more details: please refer to here:



22 April (Friday): 1830 - 2300:


Venue: The Hub ( http://thehub.com.hk/about-us/)

Early Bird: Before 31 March 2016:

- Conference only:1000 HKD

- Conference + Workshop: 5000 HKD, 2 workshops included for 2 days

- Conference + Village: Fee: 2500 HKD (include more kits with 2 tracks)


- Conference: 3000 HKD

- Conference + Workshop: 7000 HKD, 2 workshops included for 2 days

- Conference + Village: Fee: 4500 HKD (include more kits with 2 tracks)



Reception: 1830 - 1900

Main Conference: 1900 - 2300

  • Sung-Ting TSAI (a.k.a TT) from T5 - Incident Response Tips
  • Moonbeom PARK - Malware Analysis and Case Studies
  • Kelvin CHAN - Bypass Commerical Anti-Debugging Tools
  • Junho Jang from GrayHash - Codegate CTF Exploit Challenge In Depth
  • Barry Van Kampen (a.k.a Fish) - A Good Story about why do you need to use hackers instead of put them away.
  • VXRL - Hidden Agenda? Against Locky? or else?
  • Machine Learning from Postech (To be confirmed)
  • All About VNSecurity (To be confirmed)


Date: 23-24 April, 1000-1700

Venue: P504,Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Researchers and Topic: Long Le and Red Dragon from VNSecurity (www.vnsecurity.net) - Exploitation with PEDA

- 23 April: Beginner

- 24 April: Advanced


Date: 23-24 April, 1000-1700

Venue: P503, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

#1: Hardware Village

#2: CTF Village: Codegate CTF Challenge Walkthrough (To be confirmed)

Details: https://www.facebook.com/events/1549909372004946/



Please send your name, email address, and contact number, if any.

Our Friend Hotel:

Butterfly On Prat, Tsim Sha Tsui (If you wanna stay there, you will get discount, please contact us for the special offer)


We are very delighted to Computing Department from Hong Kong Polytechnic University to sponsor our venue in workshop and village. Thank you so much and we do appreciate it.

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