VXRL-PLUS: Winning 4th Position Reward at HITCON 2013 CTF

Post date: Jul 21, 2013 6:34:54 PM

PLUS fellow, Malaysia's VX friend and VXRL have formed a VXRL-PLUS and took a 4th position of Capture The Flag game in Taipei on 19-20 July . The reward is 3000 TWD.

The game itself comprises web hacking, binary reverse engineering, exploitation, forensics and miscellaneous areas.

It's our honor and deep pleasure to work with other fellows and enjoy the game and our reunion in Taipei.

It is very exciting to join this game and we made our second shot there this year.

Write-up will be published soon, please stay tuned :-)

Final Ranking

We have solved Forensics 400 finally by Captain.

Game board (We solve Forensic 400 by Captain, Zetta and Darkfloyd)