Codegate YUT Challenge (a.k.a Capture The Flag) 2012

Post date: Feb 29, 2012 6:35:40 AM

We got a tough weekend and Sunday last week as we tried to solve the challenges from Codegate:

You may get the ranking from there and we just got 1000 scores and are ranked at 83 out of 183 active teams. I am thankful

to team fellows from PLUS (Cha) and Suteogoma2 (Tessy) giving some guidance to us. At the same time, we've got Orange from Chroot to join us the game and solve the Vuln100 and 200 with us.

Meanwhile, we are very thankful to Professor Rocky Chang and Computing Department of HK Polytechnic University to grant us a 48-hour conference room to hold the game, the venue and facility are excellent and critical to us indeed.

We will publish our write up soon in the CTF section and keep us moving and advance. The next target is DEFCON 20 CTF, it would be fun and will be held in June.