Speaking at Codegate 2012 Conference from S. Korea

Post date: Mar 22, 2012 5:42:23 PM

Anthony Lai will be representing VXRL to sit in a panel discussion in Codegate 2012 security conference in South Korea (www.codegate.org). The panel members are with Jeff Moss, who is the leader of Blackhat and DEFCON conferences, Jeongwook from S.Korea who is now working in MS Malware Research Center, Dhillion who is the leader of HITB (www.hitb.org) and a famous Japanese security researcher.

In addition, he will give two talks: One is again for APT secrets in Asia and another one is about China security.

Joining a peak panel discussion with other top hackers and researchers (it is my honor, dudes)

Speak for APT stuff again (representing Xecure Lab)