Data Breach Kick Ass Week by VXRL

Post date: Apr 8, 2012 5:01:02 PM

It is not a seminar and workshop but two media reports will come so as to kick the ass of bad corps and authorities, how serious they are managing their Web sites and other's personal information.

11/4(Wednesday): Next Magazine

15/4(Sunday): RTHK Programme (1900 and 2300, TVB or Cable TV)

From the article and programme, you will learn about:

  • You could see us how we kick the bad corps off as they can't protect their site and job applicants' personal data well.
    • How privacy officer could not perform their function but only secure their job only, even don't know and suggest clearing up the search engine cache.
    • How shit the penalty system are.
    • How suck the authority is whether they readily care their web site.
  • How I am proud of Dr Kong and to respond to my complain and solutions, however, how their senior management does not care about the data leak as I have filed a complaint over a month.
    • We introduce some nice information how to use Facebook in a secure manner.
    • We got XSS from RTHK web sites and from an "authority" unit web site.

For justice, research, offensive and fun, enjoy it dudes.